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A map of the part of Oakland near the University of Pittsburgh

Carnegie Mellon University

University of Pittsburgh


Founded in 1924 by the Schwartz & Coyne families, Oakland Real Estate Company manages for its partners a portfolio of retail/restaurant, technology, residential and parking lot properties in the Oakland community of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  We currently have technology and retail space available, please click here.


Oakland Real Estate Company’s expanding technology campus includes a co-working space managed by Avenu (formerly REVV Oakland) and dedicated offices for some of Pittsburgh’s best known start-ups, including in the areas of cybersecurity (For All Secure), robotics (Robotwits) and big data (Containership). There are also several local Pittsburgh offices for Silicon Valley based companies (Yelp and Stitch Fix). The technology spaces have been designed by internationally recognized architect John Folan, AIA, LEED AP.


Oakland Real Estate Company is looking to diversify its tenant mix and welcomes inquiries from potential new tenants.  We are preparing to lease several new spaces, including the King's Court Technology Space.   Originally built at the turn of the 19th century, King's Court will be a state of the art facility available for lease in February 2019.  For more details please go to the Future Projects section of this site.  We also have retail space available.  


For more information on retail and tech space availability, please contact Henry Schwartz, Co-Managing Partner, Schwartz Properties and Oakland Real Estate Company.  Henry@orecpgh.com or 215-880-0952.


University of Pittsburgh Medical Center

Carlow University

The Oakland Retail Market- Oakland is home to the University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and a number of world renowned cultural institutions.  Over 100,000 people spend some portion of their day in Oakland, including students, residents, faculty/staff and visitors who spend in excees of $300 million a year in the commercial district. For more information on the Oakland market please see the Oakland Retail Market Study (click here to view).


Oakland Innovation District- The universities, medical center and technology companies in Oakland help drive the emergence of Pittsburgh as a world class innovation economy. The University of Pittsburgh recently published a report on the Oakland Innovation District (click here to view).  This is further supported by a Brooking Institute Study, Capturing the Next economy: Pittsburgh's rise as a global innovation city which found that Oakland is poised to lead the way to the new Pittsburgh economy through its Oakland Innovation District (click here to view).


Pittsburgh has been rated one of the top cities in America in over 90 "best of "ratings since 2014 (the full list of accolades can be viewed at www.visitpittsburgh.com). Among the awards are “Most Livable" (Forbes), “Coolest American city you haven’t been to” and “among 10 cities where techies should consider moving” (Huffington Post), “Best all-American vacation” (The Travel Channel), “2nd best city for millennials” (CNBC), “Most fun city in America” (Wallet Hub) and the “NextTech City” (Pittsburgh Business Times).

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